One of the most important and prestigious therapeutic areas of Molteni Farmaceutici is anesthetics, in which the company has invested significant resources to guarantee the absolute quality of its production and offer a wide range of highly reliable products capable of meeting all therapeutic needs.
The list of Molteni’s anesthetics includes a variety of active molecules, useful both for local and general anesthesia. In keeping with its drive for technological innovation, Molteni manufactures these drugs in plastic vials so as to avoid any – admittedly rare – contamination by the glass dust of conventional vials, and packs them with a double sterilization process to reduce possible manual contamination of the sterile operative field.
The latest innovation from Molteni Farmaceutici is hyperbaric prilocaine, an anesthetic particularly suitable for short surgeries requiring spinal, bilateral or even unilateral anesthesia. The properties of this anesthetic allow for very fast recovery and discharge of the patients.