The development of new drugs and the constant technological upgrading of its own production plants demonstrate the company’s energy and vitality in facing market changes. Molteni Farmaceutici, a jealous guardian of the highest quality standards, manufactures pharmaceuticals according to the European good manufacturing practices. In Florence, the company’s historical headquarters, skilled technicians have at their disposal the most advanced and safe equipment.
Molteni’s winning formula, which can be summed up by the motto “a tradition of innovation”, is embodied in its search for and achievement of increasingly high production standards, ever since the company was set up. In 1892, Leone Molteni’s pharmacy developed procedures for the production of sterile hypodermic vials, an absolute novelty in Italy.
The quality of Molteni’s products also passed the difficult test of two World Wars: the company, which in the meantime had changed names in Molteni of Alitti Brothers & Co., supplied the Italian Army with well-protected sterile vials. During these years Molteni developed steridrolo, with the addition of tosylchloramide sodium, used to purify drinking water even from stagnant pools.
After the war, the company continued to expand in terms of both turnover and product list, reaching its maximum growth in the Seventies, when it achieved a leading position in the field of anesthetics. The change in ownership did not affect its focus on technological innovation and investment in research and development. Molteni consolidated its position and took over other firms or their production facilities, as well as acquiring patents and new staff.
In 1990, the Alitti Foundation was set up to valorize Molteni’s great historical experience and promote social activities of research, education and training in healthcare. In the area of social responsibility, today a commitment for many pharmaceutical companies, Molteni has always been ahead of its time.
During the years 1997-1998, a new qualitative leap was made: the Molteni Research Group synthesized and patented its first original molecules to be developed in its laboratories and tested both in vitro and in vivo on experimental animal models.
In 2006, a new exciting adventure began: Molteni Therapeutics, a spin-off from Molteni Farmaceutici Research, was the first research company to be incubated in the new science park “Toscana Life Sciences” in Siena. The project was particularly profitable, thanks to the development of a drug for the treatment of diabetic foot, which subsequently entered the phase of clinical testing in humans.
A new production line and the upcoming registration of a drug for the local treatment of diabetic ulcers, a result of Molteni’s in-house research, are only the latest successes of these 120 years, together with the production of the Pecsys© system in the innovative nasal spray for the treatment of severe pain, recently introduced in the Guidelines of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) and the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).