Nasal spray for pain relief

To celebrate its first 120 years, Molteni Farmaceutici has inaugurated, at its Florence facility, the production line of a new drug, a nasal spray to control breakthrough cancer pain, which cannot be relieved with standard therapies. The economic investment exceeds 5 million Euro. The drug will be manufactured exclusively for Italy and Europe.
The nasal spray, a formulation characterized by strong technological innovation, well matches Molteni’s mission to fight against pain started in the early 20th century. In particular, as far as the complex product packaging is concerned, the formulation, based on an opiate, is sprayed and optimally vaporized thanks to a pectin excipient (Pecsys© patent), which ensures constancy of the dose delivered and actually administered to the patient.
Packaging has been a strong point of Molteni Farmaceutici’s expertise ever since the production of its first sterile vials for hypodermic use more than a century ago. For this reason, after having been involved as a logistics platform for the import, quality control and marketing of the drug in Europe since 2009, Molteni was offered by the owners of the drug, the Anglo-American company Archimedes, the opportunity to set up a facility for the actual production of the drug in Europe.