About Us

Time is a key factor for a company and the history of Molteni Farmaceutici represents its century-long solidity.
Investment in the most up-to-date production plants bears witness to the energy with which company pursues the production of new formulations: Molteni Farmaceutici is a center of excellence in the European pharmaceutical industry and a market leader for the production and sales of opioid drugs.
The company has always been committed to researching and developing solutions for the treatment of pain and addiction, to safeguard patients’ quality of life and care.
A solid background, awareness of its value and an ability to look to the future with determination have all contributed to making Molteni Farmaceutici the Tuscan and Florentine center of excellence in the world’s pharmaceutical sector, for more than a century.

Molteni today and tomorrow

Molteni Farmaceutici’s new plant in Florence is a modern facility, with innovative technological and scientific equipment, at the forefront in terms of quality and production volumes, and highly qualified staff; its flagship is its new sterile division for the aseptic production of injectables.
Molteni Farmaceutici entered the new millennium as a protagonist thanks to the intensive, high-level research activity being carried out at its own operating unit and with the collaboration of prestigious universities. For pain therapy, in particular, new active molecules and formulations to eliminate the side effects of narcotics are under study. In anesthesiology, efforts are focused on developing drugs ensuring equal efficacy at lower doses. For addiction, research is investigating formulations capable of improving patient compliance, while enhancing safety.
The year 2006 saw the creation of Molteni Therapeutics, a spin-off from the Molteni Research Group whose products are based on innovative photodynamic technology.